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Summer Hours : Tue-Sat 10-4
$9 Shipping ~ In-Store Pickup Available ~ FAQ


  • Can I visit & shop in-person?  Absolutely!  We have remodeled our space so that in-person and online orders can happen simultaneously.  Browse swatches & samples of all of our in-stock fabric & yarns in the Gallery (front-end) of the shop.  Let us know what fabric you'd like at the counter, and we'll cut your yardage in the Warehouse (back-end) of the shop.  We'll be working in the Warehouse, filling online orders and keeping up with paperwork, while you browse the Gallery, but are happy to help with fabric or yarn selections and project questions at any time!   

  • I'd like some help shopping online...  Email - We will happily send links with personal suggestions, yardage advice and general helpfulness, just note it might take us a couple days to catch up on emails between in-person orders.
  • Can I order online and pay when I pickup?  Sure! Just choose "Pay at Pickup" after selecting "FREE In-Store Pickup" during checkout.  Your order will be waiting on the counter to the left, and can be paid with cash or credit card.  Please note: Pay at Pickup orders cannot be added to after they've been placed, but fear not - see below for more details.
  • Can I add something else to my order?  Yep! The fastest & easiest method is to place another order online with the same email/name.  I'll package all your items in one bag for easy pickup.  For shipped orders, please call or email before placing a second order to arrange if multiple orders can be shipped together.
  • Can I pickup my order another day?  Yes, stop by during regular business hours the same day or another day.  We'll send you a reminder email if we haven't seen you in awhile.  Occasionally we can arrange for pickup outside of business hours, please ask in advance to arrange a mutually suitable time.   
  • Can someone else pickup my order?  Absolutely! Just tell them which name they are picking up, or use their name in the "shipping info" at checkout.  You can also add their email or phone number for pickup notifications instead of your own.
  • Can I order thread to match another fabric?  Yes!  Go to Thread : Sew-All - COLOR MATCH, and select which size spool(s) you need.  Describe which fabric(s) you'd like to match in the box provided, or you can also bring a swatch to the shop when you swing by for pickup.  Please note, if you need more than one thread to match, order the TOTAL number of spools needed, and describe everything in one note - our system will consolidate similar items and will only show the last note! 
  • Can I order pearl cotton embroidery floss to match anther color or fabric?  Yes!  Decide if you want a skein of thicker (#5) floss or a ball of thinner (#8) floss, select "COLOR TO MATCH" from the drop down list of colors and describe what you are looking for in the box provided.  You can also bring items you need the pearl cotton to match in with you at pickup.  Please note, if you need more than one floss to match, order the TOTAL number of needed, and describe everything in one note - our system will consolidate similar items and will only show the last note! 
  • Can I use my gift card online?  Absolutely! Enter your gift card number in the box below "Subtotal" in your shopping cart & click "Apply" before checkout.  Digital gift cards have a 13-digit number, while paper gift cards have a 4-digit number.  If you have a paper gift card with a 3-digit number, please add a "0" to the beginning (ie for #123, enter "0123").
  • Can I ask you another question?  Email or text the shop at 207-596-3905.  We'll reply as soon as we get a chance!  Thank you for your patience & support, it truly means everything. 

xo Leah & Jani

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