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Fabric Mask Sewing Resources

We are working with the Maine FB group: "A Mask for a Mask" to organize mask sewing, donations, and requests.

Please use the "A.B. Mask - for a Nurse by a Nurse" pattern* by Jessica Nandino, and the following guidelines: 

1. 100% cotton, tightly woven fabric (such as quilting cotton) only.  No flannel, no knits, no metallic prints, no glitter. 
2. Wash all fabrics in hot water & tumble dry on high before sewing to preshrink.  
3. Masks should have fabric ties; do not use elastic straps as masks that are latex-free are preferred.  Metal inserts along the nasal bridge are not needed.
4. A variety of colors, prints, and sizes are welcome!  Tip: Use a solid fabric for the lining, as it helps the wearer recognize the inside vs. outside of the mask.
5. Sewing quality needs to be as high as possible, please backstitch and trim threads neatly.  Sew with care- these are urgently needed, but quality matters.
6. And please remember good Sewing Hygiene :

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before sewing, and after doing anything that takes you away from your machine.
  • Wipe down your machine and your iron with rubbing alcohol or other disinfectant before beginning.
  • Sew a practice mask for yourself, and use this while sewing the masks to donate.
  • Never try a mask you intend to donate on your own face, your child's face, or a pet. These need to remain as sanitary as possible.
  • As you complete masks, keep them grouped in a sealed ziploc bag. Label each bag with your name and # of masks, and drop-off the sealed bag for donation.
Finished masks can be dropped off with us at 428 Main St, Rockland:  
Please place sealed bags in the blue bin outside our glass front doors. 
Drop-off only during curbside hours (Mon-Thur 10-2), as the bin will be locked inside during off hours.  

If you have already made masks in the Deaconess style; Thank You!  
They can still be dropped off with us and will be locally donated and gratefully used.  Please label the sizes of your Deaconess masks on your donation bag. 

*An updated PDF version of the A.B. Masks Pattern is in the works! 
Jessica has a volunteer designer polishing the pattern for her, and a gofundme campagin.  Please consider donating to help support her mask-sewing R&D! 


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