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Felt Applique Pincushion
free tutorial from we all sew

We accented our felt applique with
embroidery using #5 pearl cotton and our favorite chenille needles.

The body of the pincushion is an Essex linen-cotton print,
but any sturdy 4" square scraps would be perfect! 

Arrange circle and lozenge felt shapes to create flowers,
citrus fruits or an abstract geometric pattern.

Stitch down using french knots, back stitch, running stitch,
whip stitch, blanket stitch, X's, or a lazy-daisy center.

With right sides together, stitch around fabric squares using a 1/4" seam, leaving a 2" hole for turning.  Trim corners, turn right side out,
and gently nudge corners flat with a point turner.

Fill with wool batting or walnut shells for a sweet pincushion,
or dried lavender for an aromatic sachet. 
Hand-stitch opening closed using an invisible ladder stitch.

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